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A professional rain gutter installer can meet 100% of your unique needs.

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A rain gutter installation is cheaper than a new foundation.

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Your professional rain gutter installation will give your house the best curb appeal in  the neighborhood.

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Rain Gutters, Fascia Installation, and Rafter Repairs

My name is Tanya Newman and I have been a rain gutter specialist for over 19 years. My company, Tanya’s Custom Gutters started in 2005 alongside my husband Ryan. Rain gutter installation and repair is what we do every day!

Combined with Ryan’s 20 years in the construction trade, Tanya and Ryan can service any of your rain gutter needs from cleaning to repairing your rain gutters.

As a family business, each project is treated as if it were their own home. We keep the finished project in mind and provide excellent communication along the way.

We Take Pride In Providing An Exceptional Customer Experience

We take pride in our workmanship and treat our client’s homes as our own.

We use only the best products and installation techniques to provide the best experience for our clients.

All of our rain gutters are hung with high-end Hangtite Hidden Hangers, as opposed to older and cheaper methods.

Hangtite Hidden Hangers are a more discreet option but are the strongest hidden hangers available.

Offering high-quality seamless aluminum rain gutters to ensure that the water is carried to the drain without leaks, and to create a flawless curb appeal.

We also offer seamless copper rain gutters for an authentic copper feel for your home.

Instead of using, mass-manufactured boxed miters (corners), we hand cut and custom fit each miter to look flawless along your rain gutter, and to provide a safe and secure seal that can outperform any boxed rain gutter system.

As certified Leaf Relief Installers, we can protect your rain gutters from leaves and debris that clog your rain gutters and drains with Leaf Relief’s leaf guards or other rain gutter guards.

Who wants to be the house with trees growing out of their rain gutters?

3 Reasons Quality Rain Gutters Are Important

We all know the Pacific Northwest is known for its rainy days. Hence, why Seattle is called the “Rainy City.” And when it rains so frequently, the rain can cause damage to roofs, houses, buildings, and properties.

Having proper rain gutter installation can save property owners thousands of dollars in repairs costs.

It may seem insignificant, but neglecting or not installing rain gutters can cause serious damage to your home.

Some important reasons for quality rain gutters;

1. Protect Your Home’s Foundation. 

Without rain gutters, rainwater freely runs down your home, getting in paces such as foundations, walls, and eventually tears up garden areas and lawns

2. Protect Your Home’s Health & Structural Hazard.

A home without rain gutters can allow water to enter your walls while which causes paint to peal and wood to swell.

The dampness of water in your walls structurally compromises your home, but it can quickly become a health hazard by allowing mold and fungus to grow.

3. Protect Your Home’s Landscaping Investment. 

Without rain gutters and downspouts, water is forced to run alongside the ground carving out unwanted water ruts and mud splashing.  Even worse, the rainwater can run along the foundation of your home, weathering and damaging your foundation, causing thousands of dollars of damage!

    Preventing Home Disasters

    When your home is water damaged like the above-mentioned scenarios, professionally installing rain gutters can still prevent further and more severe damage.

    We hand pick the right solution for each home or building, hand cutting on-site each rain gutter installation.

    After many years of installing rain gutters, we have found that hidden cleats are stronger than most traditional cleats. This ensures a seamless and discreet rain gutter system with a beautiful curb appeal.

    From rain to drain, Tanya’s Custom Gutters is a name you can trust for proper rain drainage that protects the look and value of your home.

    From rain gutter installation to cleaning and repairing rain gutters, we provide a seamless service that our clients can trust to keep their rain gutter hung tight.

    Whether you’re installing rain gutters for the first time or half your rain gutter is hanging in front of your window, Tanya’s Custom Gutters is the easiest rain gutter solution.

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    Secure From Rain To Drain

    Tanya’s Custom Gutters is a female owner-operated rain gutter company for residential and commercial buildings. Tanya has over 19 years experience installing custom rain gutters in the Greater Seattle area. Helping homeowners and property managers find reliable and trustworthy custom rain gutter solutions for each unique house.

    If your gutters are leaky, missing, clogged or you are installing new rain gutters for the first time, then fill out the form below to receive a free quote.

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