Rain Gutter Guards

Will Rain Gutter Guards Save Me Time And Money?

Avoid Destructive Clogs

Avoid Debris Problems

Keep your rain gutters clean from debris and free from downspout clogs

Avoid Costly Repairs

Rain Gutter clogs can damage your home

Extend Cleaning Schedules

With rain gutter guards cleaning schedules can be extended

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Why Rain Gutter Guards?

If you experiencing clogging in your rain gutters you should consider rain gutter guards. Rain Gutter Guards will keep the constant flow of leaves, sticks, and dirt out of your rain gutters. Rain gutter guards eliminate the smelly and dreadful job of cleaning out your rain gutters.

If you are looking for rain gutter-guards with your new installation or your rain gutters are unguarded, Tanya’s Custom Gutters has a rain gutter solution right for your home. We have copper or aluminum rain gutter guards to match the exact look of your existing rain gutters.

While Seattle might be called the Rain City, it’s also called the Emerald City for being lavish with foliage and greenery throughout the year. This foliage makes rain gutter guards an important part of keeping your rain gutters clean from debris and free from downspout clogs.

For over 19 years, I’ve been installing rain gutter guards in the rainy city of Seattle. I have seen old technology come and go, and I have tested and tried many different products. A big part of my job is helping my clients choose the best rain drainage solution for their home.

The Story Of 3 Houses Without Rain Gutter Guards

House Number One:  The homeowner of the first house without a rain gutter-guard neglected to ever pull his ladder out to check his rain gutters, let alone clean them out. He had trees on both sides of his house which often dropped leaves and debris on his roof.

After failing to regularly clean and inspect his rain gutters, his rain gutter became full of tree needles, pine cones, leaves and surprisingly a couple soda cans.

The water ran passed the rain gutters and the soffits and fascia became chipped, weathered, moldy and soggy. In one windy rainstorm, his rain gutters tore off his house, leaving half of them hanging on the ground.

House Number Two: The second homeowner saw what had happened to the first homeowner and thought he would try to install his own rain gutter guards. But without the right knowledge and experience, he bought a rain gutter-guard that not only diverted leaves and debris, but it also diverted all of the water from his rain gutters.

The water poured right off the rain gutters and onto the footings of his home and into the foundation and basement of his home. Disappointed with not only a poor choice but his lack of craftsmanship, he tore off the rain gutter-guards and right into the trash.

About the same time next year, he was driving home and noticed something poking out of his rain gutter. He realized he had about a 2 ½ foot tall tree growing out of his rain gutters.

House Number Three: Seeing the misfortune of his neighbors, the third homeowner thought he would divert such terrible endings with some good old-fashioned hard work and discipline.

His neighbor’s misfortune was a forewarning that the same trees likely left debris in his rain gutters as well. He propped his ladder up to his house and began pulling out the steamy, smelly, and hair curling debris that had been sitting in his rain gutters for over a year.

“There’ll be no rain gutters falling from this house,” he snickered to himself. “There are no shortcuts in life, you just need a little hard work and discipline.” While he might have been right, he failed to take the proper precautions footing his ladder on the sloped ground in front of his house. And as he stepped up his ladder, it was him falling from his house instead of his rain gutters.

Rain Gutter Guards That Will Do The Job For You

While the above stories may not be true stories, these misfortunes actually happen. They show the importance of installing rain gutter guards on your home.

Whether you need to protect your already hanging rain gutters or you want rain gutter guards as part of your new rain gutter installation. Tanya’s Custom Gutters can protect your rain gutters from leaves, needles, and future disasters using the Leaf Relief rain gutter protection.

Having rain gutter guards as part of a new rain gutter installation will save you money and keep your rain gutters hanging stronger and longer. The rain gutter leaf guard will cover the entire length of your rain gutters, leaving fewer overlaps and less chance for debris to get in.

Installed as one whole unit, the rain gutter-guards will mount directly to the rain gutters without damaging your roof or shingles. They will hold 50% stronger than other systems, holding up to 250 lbs per foot.

For clients with per-existing rain gutters, we offer the same Aluma-Perf technology that keeps leaves, needles, and debris out of rain gutters as we do with new installations. These rain gutter guards come with a heavy-duty PVC vinyl strip that resists mildew and UV rays and creates a flexible secure seal along your roof.

All of our rain gutter leaf guard systems protect against needles, seeds, leaves, and twigs. They can handle up to 32.9 inches of water per hour, greater than the official rainfall world record.

Put an end to overflows, clogs, and rain gutter cleaning by keeping water flowing in and leaves out.

Secure From Rain To Drain

Tanya’s Custom Gutters is a female owner-operated rain gutter company for residential and commercial buildings. Tanya has over 19 years experience installing custom rain gutters in the Greater Seattle area. Helping homeowners and property managers find reliable and trustworthy custom rain gutter solutions for each unique house.

If your gutters are leaky, missing, clogged or you are installing new rain gutters for the first time, then fill out the form below to receive a free quote.

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